Policy on Privacy Protection

Policy on Privacy Protection

The Pigeon Group recognizes the importance of personal information that personally identifies website users, such as name, address, or email address. Generally, users may use the website (pigeon.com) (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) without giving the personal information.

  • 1.The Pigeon Group may analyze the usage trends and statistical data by using the access history of the users who access the Website. However, any personal information shall not be included in the data.
  • 2.The Pigeon Group Website may collect personal information in accordance with laws and regulations regarding privacy protection.
  • 3.Please read the Policy on Privacy Protection on the Pigeon Group Websites by all means for information on the treatment of personal information when using the Website. Additionally, the name and email address of the user may be required to access the Website. Most parts of the Website may be used without providing the required information. However, some options and services may not be accessible.
  • 4.In case a user desires survey, sales, or other information that requires support, the user will be asked to provide personal information, including name, email address, and phone number.
  • 5.The information provided by users shall not be provided to a third party unless otherwise it is within the scope of law. The information may be subcontracted in order to provide the appropriate level of service.
  • 6.The Pigeon Group may use the obtained information for announcements of new products and special sales to users within the scope of the agreement.
  • 7.The Pigeon Group Websites send cookies to the computers of users in order to share appropriate information. Cookies are authentication codes composed of unique characters.
  • 8.You may reject the use of cookies on the Website by changing the appropriate setting.

For any inquiries or complaints concerning the Policy on Privacy Protection above, please contact Customer Service below. E-mail: privacy@pigeon.com

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